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Faded Love (Hank the Cowdog, #5) John R. Erickson

Faded Love (Hank the Cowdog, #5)

John R. Erickson

Published August 1st 1998
ISBN : 9780780708440
125 pages
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 About the Book 

Hank is in the midst of taking a deposition for the case of The Strange Sounds in the Night when Drover comes tearing onto the scene screeching about an attack and a baby and oh, Hank it’s awful! Hank doesn’t pause for an instant. He streaks into the ranch yard (an area prohibited from the cowdogs) to find Little Alfred preparing to eat his cake and no danger visible anywhere. Drover is such a dupe. Now Sally May is sure to wallop him. But on the other hand, Little Alfred is offering him a bit of cake. Perhaps this won’t turn out so bad after all…When Sally May returns she finds Hank wearing the evidence of his guilt. For, of course, the devoted mother wouldn’t dream of blaming her own son, no she just assumes that Hank must be guilty because he’s got cake smeared all over his face. She throws him out of the yard and throws a shovel after him.Hank is depressed. The only reason he broke into the yard was to protect Sally May’s son, don’t you see. And to be treated this way after all of his work and devotion……. He decides to abandon the farm and go to seek his one true love, Beulah, the beautiful collie with the tapered nose.So he and Drover set out, swearing never to return to the farm. But a run-in with Rip and Snort, the coyotes, convinces Hank that in order to win Beulah’s love and affection he must wear a powerful perfume – dead skunk. Hank bedaubs himself accordingly then sets off to claim the heart of his true love.Will Beulah be able to resist Hank’s charms? And what about the ranch? Will it be able to operate without Hank’s guidance?Visit The Blithering Bookster to read the rest of my review, including several funny quotes and a few cautions.http://blitheringbookster.com/home/20...