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Icho: Trip of the Three. Book 1 of 3 in the Nxo series. N R A Nyatsanza

Icho: Trip of the Three. Book 1 of 3 in the Nxo series.

N R A Nyatsanza

Kindle Edition
111 pages
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 About the Book 

A young boy leaves home to embark on a centuries old perilous rite of passage. This time round the rite of passage holds more danger than ever before. Will he return a hero for all time, or succumb into oblivion on this his journey to manhood?Excerpt:IT could not remember ever having been so cold. For what seemed an eternity it did not move, could not move- not even a limb, it could not even see, all it could do was endure the stifling discomfort that went with the freezing temperature. Gradually starting with the extremities, feeling in the form of intense pain, started returning. The pain crept slowly up the limbs with the thaw and still it could not do a thing to lessen the discomfort. Its vision came back in blurry waves, but it was not sure of what it was seeing. Moments of total darkness were interspersed with moments of a light grey haziness through which nothing was decipherable. It tried to raise an arm then a leg- it tried to raise its head all to no avail. There was a hissing sound that seemed to keep pace with its breathing that it had not noticed earlier on, but once noticed it could not again be unnoticed. The pain was excruciating and complete, and felt on every surface of the body as if worn. It felt like it was immersed, drowning in a liquid of pain, there was no respite but there was nothing it could do to lessen the enveloping pain. It lay there getting angrier and angrier at its helplessness and at the all encompassing pain, but all it could do was endure the unendurable.It did not know how long it was out for, but when it came to with a start, all its faculties and muscular functions were restored. It found that it was lying in some sort of cavity and framed within the outline of the top part of the cavity was a strangely coloured sky. It sprang up and was brought crashing back into the hole it had been lying in. The strange tubes that went into its mouth and straps that held it had pulled it back down. It waved its arms about whilst turning its body from side to side tearing off and pulling out the encumbrances that embraced it. Then it jumped up again and with this jump the last of the braces and tubing broke free and pulled out. It was free. It took a few more jumps and steps away, and then looked at the prison from which it had just broken free from. Weak it staggered backwards further away from the strange vessel that now seemed to be alive. A groan was emitted by the machine then a hiss as the covering that had come away from the opening swung back into position making the surface of the machine whole again closing up the exit/entrance from which the escape had been made.It made its way away, then after a while when it felt it had put enough ground from the vehicle that had held it captive, it stopped. It took stock. It was weak, so weak it knew that without nourishment soon, it would sleep and from that sleep it would not wake up. It looked at its limbs in surprise turning its arms and hands as it examined, admired them, as if they were out of place and did not belong. Its legs it noticed then were much longer than it remembered. How long it had been asleep in that tiny prison it could not be sure but it was certainly a long time and the machine had somehow, through the tubes, given it nourishment as it slept travelling to this far off land. It looked around and found that nothing was familiar- not the ground it stood on, nor the vegetation around, not even the air it breathed or the sky above. Everything was alien and realising this it knew that it was very very far away from its own land. At this stage though, this was all of minor importance. It had to eat.In this strange land there would be no friend, just foes and if it was to survive ...food. A hunter, predator, carnivore- a killer the likes of which the world had never before seen had arrived and with an otherworldly screech it broadcast its arrival.