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Baggage Emily Barr


Emily Barr

Published December 31st 2002
ISBN : 9780452283824
336 pages
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 About the Book 

Lina Pritchetts life is centered around hiding her new pregnancy from her husbands family until they are ready to tell, her son Red, and her mother-in-law Margot, as well as her career as a teacher in a tiny town on the Australian Outback. One of her former students has run off with her best friends husband, the big scandal in town. At a wedding for the two, Lina is started to run into Sophie, a backpacker from England who is sure she knows Lina as her old pal Daisy from ballet school back in Devon. Ten years earlier, Daisy was accused of a terrible crime and committed suicide in the midst of the ensuing media melee. Or did she?This was a really great womens suspense type of book. Written in such a way that you know that Lina is Daisy and that she was not entirely guilty (one of those shades of gray type of deals), the suspense centers around her getting caught, and what will happen to the life shes so carefully protected for the last ten years. Can a person be rehabilitated, and is forgiveness possible? I loved that it wasnt grisly, that it was very human, and exposed the frailties were all vulnerable to as thoughtless careless youths (granted, we arent all mildly responsible for poisoning four of our best friends). How Daisy deals with being discovered and how it affects the people around her makes for compelling reading.